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Greetings. I’m J. Walter Hawkes, but hey, you can call me Walter. I’m an Emmy-winning composer and a skilled trombone/ukulele player with a studio providing music in many forms for the greater Earth area. Here you will find numerous examples of works as well as a curated list of upcoming performances with various groups.

  • I provide original music for TV, Film, Video Games, and apps.
    Check out the "See" page for info and video examples.
  • I arrange/orchestrate music for everything from a horn or string section to a big band to a symphony orchestra. Check out the "Hear" page for info and audio examples.
  • I play trombone and ukulele all around the NYC area and the world. Check out the "Hear" for examples and the "Calendar" page for my schedule. If you'd like to be reminded of when I'm playing near you, you can sign up for a mailing list on the "Contact" page.
  • I have a recording studio in Long Island City that I can record most the above in. Check out the "About" page for more info.

Upcoming Performances

Calendar for December, 2018
12/10/2018JWH TrioHoly Ground112 Reade St. NY, NY 10013
12/11/2018Taylor MacThe Town Hall123 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036
12/14/2018Taylor MacRoyce Hall10745 Dickson Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90095
12/15/2018Taylor MacRoyce Hall10745 Dickson Ct, Los Angeles, CA 90095
12/18/2018Willie Martinez and La Familia SextetNuyorican Poets Cafe236 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009
12/19/2018JWH TrioDomaine Bar a Vins5004 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101

Jesse Gelber - Piano Kevin Dorn - Drum

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