Domaine LIC Wednesday - Montclair NJ w/Taylor Mac Friday

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Tomorrow, Wednesday,  you’ll find me playing trombone and ukulele for your wine, cheese, and oysters along with Jesse Gelber on piano and Rob Adkins on bass.  This happens at the amazing Domaine Bar a Vins, which is much easier to get to than you might think.  It’s even convenient to the ferry, if that’s what floats your… er… never mind.

Friday, at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ, I’ll be playing trombone in the orchestra in an incredible abridged version of Taylor Mac‘s 24 Decade History of Popular Music.  There are still tickets left, but not many.

One last thing I’ll mention… We’ll be doing only one more performance of Taylor Macs’ full 24 hour masterpiece. (Unless someone really wants to shell out some clams…)  We’ll be doing it as two 12 hour shows… the first two Saturdays in June in Philadelphia.  This is the kind of thing that takes some serious planning even just to attend, so I’m giving you advance notice now.  Tickets may be scarce soon.  You’ll find info here.

I was hoping to just putz around all month, but alas it turns out that I’m doing a bunch of other stuff.  See the tip of the iceberg by clicking on the calendar.