Ye Olde Gibson Ukulele featured on new recording!

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Kat Edmonson - Old Fashioned GalIt’s always a blast to play on recordings with talented folks.  It’s a whole different kind of special when I get to do it on a rarely played special instrument from the arsenal.  The lovely Kat Edmonson asked me to play ukulele on a song that wraps up her latest release, “Old Fashioned Gal.”  The song, “Not My Time” is a humorous, bittersweet (more sweet than bitter IMHO) about the general naysaying an up-and-coming artist can encounter from those in the industry (and elsewhere.) I think ukulele was a great compliment for this song, and it was a wonderful rare occasion for me to break out a really great little instrument.  I was given a mahogany Gibson soprano ukulele quite some time ago by a generous old friend.  I’m pretty sure it’s from the late 20’s, but I could be wrong.  (I don’t remember why I say late 20’s… I want to even give an exact year, 1928… but I don’t remember how I came up with that…)

The Gibson

You’ll note it says “The Gibson” on the head stock.  I play ukulele on a lot of gigs, but I can almost never use this one.  It has a tender, (even vulnerable?) sound that’s really gorgeous, but it’s very quiet and doesn’t project the way many of my other instruments do.  I mostly just play it around the house. (And occasionally on YouTube…)  As far as using it on a gig, it’s too soft to really be played with a band (even with a mic) and I’d be hard pressed to use it for anything other than a solo gig in a quiet room, or in a recording studio…   The session was a blast.  The band was great (many musicians I’ve known for a long time) and Kat sounded wonderful, and was a treat to work with.  I think the recording came out great and I’m quite proud of it. Check out “Not My Time”, the last track of Kat Edmonson’s “Old Fashioned Gal” here (or at any major online music outlet) and hear the sweet sound of Kat and Ye Olde Gibson.